March 11, 2005

Final Project Abstract

Currently #1 on the final project list is: continuing to develop the "net time" clocks with Carlos. Painting machines are still tempting, but ultimately I think I'd rather focus on making a more complete and polished project, rather then working towards another prototype.

The project will involve fleshing out and completing the existing prototypes and most likely creating several other complementary objects. The globe will be developed to the point where it can sit on a desk and show night and day on the planet without ever displaying a number. The historical alarm clock will be crafted to the point where it functions as a salable (or better yet sold) art object.

Most likely there will also be a web based component to the project, a joint visualizer and management tool for the objects, probably in flash or processing.

Hopefully there will be another globe or two as well, possibly involving water magnets and motors..

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